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iInvest Securities

 iInvest Securities is a boutique financial Services firm offering services in wealth management. Our staff have a wealth of financial services experience, with collective experience totalling some 60 years. We have formed strategic alliances within the financial markets, bringing depth to the suite of services and products we offer.

We vary the service level provided to each client, according to their own, unique requirements. Whether you’re a sophisticated investor, an individual requiring assistance with your investment portfolio, a new-comer to the market or just require a firm to facilitate the sale of some shares, we can assist you.

Locally owned & operated

iInvest Securities is owned and operated by a local team of experienced advisers who pride themselves on offering a superior level of service.


iInvest Securities specialises in a number of financial products and offerings, including Equities, Warrants, ETFs, Derivatives, Fixed Interest and Superannuation.

iInvest Securities strengths are working with our clients to deliver the best possible service and create financial stability. To learn how we can help you achieve financial freedom


Joann Condon | Practice Manager

Director and licensee to iInvest Securities, Joann has been in financial services for 30+ years. Starting out from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Economics, she took up a Financial Markets Analyst internship with Standard & Poor’s in Sydney, before joining the ASX. There, Joann was immersed in ASX Market Surveillance, which involved analysis and investigation of unusual patterns of trading, before taking on a role in ASX Membership monitoring ASX member firms.

These regulatory skills set the path for Joann in the field of financial services compliance. Joann worked in various firms and investment banks, among them HSBC, Ord Minnett, J P Morgan and TD Waterhouse Securities –helping to keep  each of the firm’s divisions in line with ASIC and ASX regulatory requirements.

Joann and Haydn, seeking a sea change  moved their young family to the Gold Coast in 2007, taking up an opportunity that offered a host of lifestyle benefits along with career progression. They took over an existing firm at Burleigh Heads which had established a strong reputation and client base over 20 years. Their aim was to create a boutique financial services business that offered clients from all walks of life a wide range of options.

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“Being a locally owned and managed firm, we are nimble and proactive, and our independence gives us greater flexibility in our product offering,” Joann explains.  iInvest is firmly embedded in the thriving Burleigh community, with a commitment to networking in the business sector and hosting seminars and social events for clients – many of whom have become close friends – to both broaden their knowledge and generate camaraderie.

“We are all about being active and communicating with our clients, not about being faceless or only calling them once a year. We want our clients to feel confident and able to call us anytime about their investments.”

Even after nearly three decades in the business, Joann has lost none of her zeal. “It’s the people who make the difference, our clients,” she says. “And helping them live or retire comfortably. When they’re doing well, we get a sense of satisfaction. Our aim is to make the share market accessible to the average person. 

Haydn Froggatt | Adviser

Haydn followed his father into the industry, gleaning the fundamentals in the back office of a small firm for a number of years, before spring-boarding into a role on the Trading Floor at the Australian Stock Exchange. For close on a decade, Haydn managed pit trading for the Exchange, dealing with some of the highest profile companies in the mining and resources sector.

Those were the heady days of high growth and the cut and thrust of the trading floor, where quick-thinking and charisma counted, before the move to screens and the relative calm of the office floor. From the ASX, Haydn worked for respected ASX Member firms such as KJ Polkinghorne, Rivkin Croll Smith, Schwab and D&D Tolhurst, specialising in derivatives or options trading.

As Private Client Adviser, and co-owner, Haydn holds a Professional Diploma in Level 2 Derivatives accreditation and speaks regularly at ASX and industry events. Not afraid to say he is motivated by making money, Haydn says his strengths are an intimate working knowledge of the market, gained over 20+ years of riding the ups and downs of each cycle.

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“I was always good with figures, which helps, and I know how to solve problems. I actively trade myself, so clients know I put my money literally where my advice is!”

Far from hardened by years at the coal face, Haydn says he finds every day exciting. “Every day is different and our clients have their individual preferences and needs. Because I work with derivatives, whether the market goes up or down, you can make money. I enjoy helping our clients understand the processes and mechanisms and realise they have control over their financial future.”

Far from being a dry number-cruncher-type, Haydn is a decidedly social creature who advocates combining worthwhile seminars with R&R. “We’re very social people, we love life, and that flows on to our clients,” he adds, referring to the regular events and annual conference with clients such as the recent getaway to Bali. “It’s good for all of us to get away from the daily grind, learn something new and energise ourselves about why we’re focusing on wealth creation – for our families’ security and our own independence.”

Haydn Froggatt is a representative of iInvest Securities Pty Ltd. iInvest Securities Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative (Number: 431611) of Zodiac Securities Pty Ltd (AFSL: 398350). Email Haydn

ASIC Approved Competencies


  • Securities
  • Derivatives – Level 1 & 2
  • Managed Investments
  • Superannuation
  • Margin Lending


Georgia Harrison | Adviser

Georgia has been working with Haydn and Joann for 10 years and has been a colleague of Joann’s for 14. A competent all-rounder at High School, Georgia couldn’t decide what field to apply her substantial enthusiasm. She took off from Brisbane for London, where she spent 15 months combining work in hospitality with travel.

Returning to Queensland, she chose the Gold Coast as her home and found a job in reception at a firm. After a year of training at Andrew West, Georgia attained her Dealer’s License and began buying and selling equities. She went on to work at D&D Tolhurst with Haydn and began trading options, eventually moving at the same time as Haydn to RBS Morgans.

Armed with her Diploma of Financial Services and Level 2 Derivatives Accreditation, Georgia is applying her substantial skills to equities clients, from a background in options, and further honing the online portfolio management tool she was instrumental in creating. To her colleagues and clients, Georgia is known for her rapport with equities clients, particularly retirees. She goes to great lengths to explain sometimes complex processes, removing the fear factor from what to most is the great unknown.

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So adroit are her communication skills, Georgia will soon launch a series of lunchtime seminars for older clients. Despite regimented procedures and protocol, the job is never boring, says Georgia. “Every day there’s something exciting. You never know what challenges and opportunities the market will bring.” Georgia is motivated by the “win-win” of clients’ prosperity and the firm’s success. “My background in hospitality means I love the client interaction and sharing my knowledge with them. I enjoy demystifying the terms and processes and supporting clients every step of the way.”

Georgia is a passionate Gold Coaster who loves being able to offer clients the benefit of her knowledge and that personal touch. “Ours is a small company, so we take a personal interest in our clients and really get to know them, whether that’s taking them out for a coffee or calling them every now and then to see how they’re going”.

“We’re lucky here on the Gold Coast, even though things get pretty hectic at times, we can achieve work-life balance by just walking down James Street to the beach.”

iInvest partners with Bond University in a graduate program that places uni students in the office one to two days per week, earning them points towards the relevant degree. Georgia administers the process with the Uni and then mentors the student. In the six weeks they’re at iInvest, they complete the equivalent of an ‘intermediate’ level course in stockbroking under Georgia’s tutelage.

Georgia Harrison is a representative of iInvest Securities Pty Ltd. iInvest Securities Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative (Number: 431611) of Zodiac Securities Pty Ltd (AFSL: 398350). Email Georgia

ASIC Approved Competencies


  • Securities
  • Derivatives – Level 1 & 2
  • Managed Investments
  • Superannuation
  • Margin Lending


Zac Brabin | Adviser

Zac Brabin may be one of the younger team members of iInvest, but his youth belies his experience and expertise. Country-born and raised, Zac was brought up working on the family farm in Temora, NSW, with a living, breathing experience of supply and demand forces at work in the commodity market.

“I started trading in high school when I was 16 and by then, I had a good understanding of economics and some financial products that are used for hedging grain and trading purposes like options.”

Zac started trading using CFD products (contract for difference) with his harvest earnings from the farm, piquing his interest to pursue further qualifications and a path in options trading.

“I learnt about options from my family and via Wealthwise education courses taught by David Novac. My father and brother are both active in the market and from this I was introduced into options trading (ETOs).

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“I worked for my father’s former company BFB Pty Ltd (logistics and farming business) until I turned 18, mostly driving machinery but also involved in conversations and analysis about hedging grain and currency using financial products similar to those I am involved with today.” After high school, Zac completed his Bachelor degree in Commerce with majors in Economics, Finance and Financial Planning at Deakin University, Victoria. Now he is an accredited derivatives adviser 1 (ADA1) and 2 (ADA2) and RG146 compliant. Zac first came to the attention of Haydn and Joann when he consulted Haydn as his broker in 2014. The following year, Zac joined iInvest for a month of work experience and this year, came onboard as a full-time employee in the role of Associate Financial Advisor, Equities & Derivatives Adviser, ADA1 “During that time I’ve been to trading conferences with Haydn and Joann to places including Queenstown and Bali. It’s a great place to work, a close, friendly team and that is what our clients appreciate as well.” As far as his own unique attributes, Zac states he has “always been a good problem solver and good with numbers”.

“My specialty is options trading, it’s what I enjoy the most and as an active trader options are what I trade day to day for myself. I’ve learnt to keep things in perspective as I’ve been trading for myself and understand when might be a good time to take profits or protect a position.”

For his clients, Zac is focused on staying up to date with positions, margins and current market sentiment, his zeal and energy enhancing the mix.

“As I’m trading I am constantly looking for great opportunities to enter the market or a new position for my clients. Regarding options trading, I am committed to continued review and assessment of each individual position, analysing possible repair strategies and protection possibilities. I enjoy technical trading and send out ideas with technical analysis attached as well as overall market analysis.”

Jon Moses | Adviser

Jon was born into an established family wool broking business in country NSW. Jon learnt at a very early age the intricacies of the commodities market, and the influences that supply and demand have on everyday life in a rural community and the factors that can blind side you when you’re least expecting it.

Jon’s family background provided him with a foundation that would propel him into his professional career in the grain trading industry, and provided him with the passion as a voluntary community leader in crisis support services.

Completing his degree in Commerce and Economics at the University of Canberra, Jon used his early experience in wool hedging, trading and forward selling to gain a position with the global agricultural trading and processing conglomerate, Cargill Inc. There, Jon was immersed into the Cargill culture engaging in futures, options, foreign exchange and risk management practices on behalf of his NSW and Victorian based clients, before transferring to Western Australia as Cargill’s Territory Manager.

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To compliment his professional position, Jon has been trading Exchange Traded Options (“ETO”) personally for over 12 years. Having completed numerous Wealthwise Education ETO training courses at the end of high school, culminating in passing the Advanced Options Trading Course soon after, Jon’s passion for financial markets and trading is unsurpassed. According to Jon, the most important thing for him is to be prepared for the bigger moves but still deriving a profit in the meantime. “I see no value in losing money waiting to be correct. That is where the technical trades come to play, and they act as a tool I use to remove the emotion of the trade”.

Jon brings to the iInvest Securities’ advisory team a solid understanding of both equity and derivative markets, coupled with a passion for helping people. This combination ensures that clients are kept up to date with world financial markets and their specific portfolios, with an adviser that will go the extra mile to ensure they fully understand the client’s requirements. Building on this, Jon has been instrumental in establishing the iInvest Super SMSF administrative platform; a new product offering which will enable the team to provide a cost-effective, seamless SMSF set-up for any client wanting to take control of their own superannuation.

Putting Jon’s professional credentials aside, his passion for community contribution shines though in his extra-curricular activities as a Lifeline telephone counsellor. His passion to give back to society, to those in need, sees him volunteering for the Lifeline 24-hour call centre which provides crisis support and suicide prevention services to those in need. Jon has dedicated his life to promoting positive business and community outcomes.

Dylan Stoner | Adviser

The latest recruit to iInvest Securities as an Equities & Derivatives Adviser, Dylan has embarked on a new professional journey after spending 12 years as a sales and marketing professional in the sporting industry.

Gold Coast born and bred, Dylan’s interest in commenced many years ago while establishing his own share portfolio and investment plan. Undertaking personal research into listed companies, seeking out potential buying and selling opportunities, and analyzing market behavior became second nature to Dylan as he worked his way professionally around many prominent golf courses here on the coast.

Having recently completed his Master of Business Administration, and his professional credentials intact, Dylan compliments the established dealing desk at iInvest through his interest in company research and particularly short term trading opportunities.

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“I’ve had an interest in the stock market and the way in which it works for as long as I can remember” says Dylan. Growing up on the golf course and getting to know many business owners and investors proved beneficial to Dylan, sparking his interest in reviewing the ways in which different businesses operate in different marketplaces

“I was a client with iInvest for several years prior to joining the team, and have watched the markets closely for much longer than that. I’m sure I was starting to drive Haydn mad with all of my phone calls!”.

Born and bred on the Gold Coast, Dylan cherishes the lifestyle that being on the Gold Coast brings. Dylan has a strong passion for building relationships with clients, and enjoys helping clients add to their wealth and build their futures. “The stock market is the best way to build wealth and create the life for your yourself that you’ve always dreamed of”.

Jacinta Commins | Desk Assistant

Melbourne-born Jacinta completed a Bachelor of Business (Honours) at Monash University, majoring in Marketing and completing Honours in Management/Business Administration.

Spreading her wings, she travelled to London for a two-year stint at the Futures Exchange (L.I.F.F.E) working for the Trading Floor Manager and assisted in the induction and training of futures and options traders.

For the past 12 years, Jacinta has worked in the legal profession for the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court as a Judge’s Associate, working for the Courts in Darwin, Melbourne and Mackay.

In January 2015, Jacinta moved to Northern NSW to be close to her husband’s family and she is thriving on the seachange lifestyle. “We love living opposite the beach and walking our son to school along the beachfront. There are not many places in Australia you can do that!”

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Jacinta works with iInvest as Desk Assistant, bringing a wealth of experience in administration and office management as well as her highly developed skills in dealing with a wide variety of clients throughout Australia.

While there’s no ‘typical day’ in her position, Jacinta is the friendly face you see when you call in to iInvest while keeping in order all aspects of administration and support in the business. From processing new applications for clients, Off Market Transfers, money transfers and Dividend Reinvestment Plans as well as producing client Portfolio Statements, Jacinta is across all departments and all functions.

“We have also started a special Birthday Card Project,” she adds. “I have produced a database with facts and famous birthdays for each date of the year and I send all of our clients a birthday card with some interesting facts about their birthdate.”

The team and their personal approach are satisfying for this dynamic desk assistant. “I really enjoy working for a small family business. We are a small close team that work together. We really get to know our clients and are able to develop a personal relationship with them. I am also able to achieve a great work-life balance being able to drop my son at school and take a walk on the beach before starting work for the day.”

Jacinta says despite the wide-range of her job, her main focus is “helping clients add to their wealth and make their long term outlook more comfortable and successful”.

“I look forward to assisting our clients with building their wealth and living happy, successful lives.”

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