Cash and Fixed Interest

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Cash & Fixed Interest Investments

Cash and Fixed Interest products are often referred to as ‘income producing’ investments. They also offer the potential for capital growth. We offer clients access to various cash and fixed interest investment products.

Who should invest in Cash and Fixed Interest Products?

Cash and fixed interest products can be a good investment vehicles for:

Conservative investor

The investor more concerned about capital preservation and security than investment return.

Investor seeking liquidity

An investor requiring quick and easy disposal to cash. SMSFs require some access to cash for payment of professional fees like audit fees.

Investor seeking seamless transaction settlement

A cash management account allows for the ease of payment for a plethora of investment products.

How can Cash and Fixed Interest Investments build your wealth?

Cash and Fixed Interest products are popular investment products for the following reasons:

Stable investment

In times of extended market volatility fixed interest and cash products can provide a strong stabilising influence in a portfolio.

Surety of return

Term deposits provide a fixed return on a fixed date. Low capital risk in most products.

Cash and Fixed Interest Products | Our services

We offer a number of services related to cash and fixed interest products which include:

Access to highly competitive cash management trusts

For ease of transaction settlement and competitive rates. Have your dividends credited directly into your CMT.

Advice and priority allocations

Of listed debt and hybrid investments.

Access to highly competitive term deposits

Guaranteeing a fixed return on a fixed date.

Products & Services available

Portfolio construction

We can discuss cash and fixed interest investments to compliment your overall portfolio and investment strategy.

Cash Management Accounts

We offer a range of at-call cash facilities paying attractive interest rates. Our preferred products provide you with direct bank deposits with some of Australia’s largest banks, all with “at-call” convenience.

These accounts can be linked directly to your share trading account to facilitate settlement. You can also elect to have your dividend and interest payments credited directly to the account and set-up regular payments from the account if required.

There are a number of common providers of cash management accounts that we use at iInvest:

To enquire about earning more on your cash deposits, contact us to obtain more information, or an application for a new CMA.

Term Deposits

We have formed relationships with many of Australia’s leading banks to offer our clients competitive term deposit rates. Funds placed on a term deposit can be swept from your “at-call” account and invested for the set term at an interest rate that best suits your needs.

Listed Debt and Hybrid Investments

Commonly referred to as hybrids, convertibles or preference shares, these securities combine features of both equity and debt investments.

Listed debt and hybrid investments deliver high levels of income, paid regularly at either a fixed or floating rate of interest, with some also offering the advantage of franking credits.

Types of Listed Debt & Hybrid Investments are:

  • Debt Securities
    • Senior Unsecured Debt
    • Subordinated Debt
  • Preference Shares
    • Reset Preference Shares
    • Convertible Preference Shares
    • Step-up Preference Shares
  • Other Security Types
    • Income Securities
    • Convertible Notes

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