Frequently asked questions

I am not a client of iInvest Securities, How do I get access to your research and recommendations?
  • To access our research and trading recommendations, you must first become a client of iInvest Securities. Please contact us to find out more.
How do I open an account to trade with iInvest Securities?
  • You will need to complete the iInvest Securities Morrisons Client Application Form. You can find these forms on the client documentation page.
  • You will also need to provide us with appropriate identification for each account holder. If you are opening an account in the name of a company, trust or a super fund, you will need to provide additional documents as noted in the Acceptable Client Identification list.
What is the minimum amount that I can invest to buy some shares?
  • The minimum investment in a new parcel of shares is $500, although the ASX recommends a minimum of $2000.
  • Once you are holding a parcel of shares worth a minimum of $500, you can then purchased additional shares in the same company of any value you wish.
  • There is no minimum amount stipulated when selling shares ie. You can sell as many or as few shares as required.
  • You will need to consider the brokerage costs involved with trading, as with each new trade, there will be a new brokerage charge.
Can I pay for the shares I purchase with cash?
  • No. Payment for shares with cash is not permitted. Payment with a credit card is also not permitted.
  • Client’s are able to pay for shares either by cheque, B-Pay, direct debit or from their linked Cash Management Account.
When are funds due to pay for the shares I have purchased?
  • Settlement on all share trading is T + 2, which means 2 business days after the trade date.
    • Example: If you purchased shares on a Monday, the funds to pay for your shares, plus the brokerage charges, are due on the following Wednesday ie. Two business days after they were purchased.
When will I receive the proceeds for shares I have sold?
  • Settlement on all share trading is T + 2, which means 2 business days after the trade date.
    • Example: if you sold your shares on a Monday, the proceeds received for selling those shares, less the brokerage charged, will be paid to you on the following Wednesday.
  • If you have provided us with a bank account to pay the proceeds into, the sale proceeds will be deposited into your bank account on the settlement date, and the funds clear overnight.
  • If you have not provided bank details, we will post a cheque to your registered address for the sale proceeds on the settlement date.
Is iInvest Securities a Full Service Stockbroking firm?
  • Yes, iInvest Securities is a Full Service Stockbroking firm. We offer a range of stockbroking and wealth management products and services for our clients in combination with the provision of comprehensive personal advice to suit your individual financial objectives, goals and personal needs.
What is the difference between a Full Service Stockbroking firm and a Discount/On-Line Broking firm?
  • iInvest Securites Full Service Brokers
    • Provide comprehensive advice on buying and selling shares and other investments taking into account your personal circumstances
    • Provide in-house company research and recommendations, daily market reports, quarterly newsletter and regular trading ideas
    • Assist in managing risk
    • A dedicated adviser for each client monitoring your portfolio and providing individual advice on your account
    • Regular reviews of your portfolio and regular contact with your adviser to discuss current market conditions and possible trading opportunities for you to consider
    • The knowledge and experience of our dedicated advisory team
    • Priority access to new IPO’s and capital raisings
    • Regular reporting
    • Higher costs due to the nature of the personalised service, research and recommendations provided to each client
  • Discount/On-Line Brokers
    • Offer an execution only or general advice service where no personal advice is able to be provided to the client
    • Client’s need to make their own investment decisions without any professional advice
    • Lower costs due to the limited service provided to clients
How much brokerage do you charge per trade?
  • Our standard brokerage rate is a minimum of $100.00 or 1% plus GST
    • Example: If you were to purchase one parcel of shares for a total of $5000.00, you would pay $100.00 plus GST on this trade (total of $110.00 including GST)
    • Example: If you were to purchase one parcel of shares for a total of $15,000.00 you would pay $150.00 plus GST on this trade (total of $165.00 including GST)
  • Please note that brokerage applies to each separate order per security, and not the aggregate total of your orders. The same brokerage rates apply to buy and sell orders.
  • Larger orders may be negotiable.
Are there any charges to open an account with iInvest Securities?
  • No. There are no charges involved to open an account with iInvest. There are also no ongoing fees to keep your account open.
  • We only charge fees or brokerage when we do a trade for you. If we perform any other service for you where a fee is to be charged, this will be disclosed to you beforehand.
How do I update my address or contact details?
What is CHESS?
  • CHESS stands for the Clearing House Electronic Subregister System. CHESS is operated by the ASX Settlement and Transfer Corporation (ASTC), a wholly owned subsidiary of the ASX.
  • CHESS handles the settlement of trades on the ASX. It does this by transferring legal ownership of the shares while simultaneously facilitating the transfer of funds to settle the trades.
  • Client’s shares can be held on CHESS with their chosen broker, and they are held on the client’s individual HIN and holding statements are sent out to the client’s registered address.
  • For more information, please read the ASX Overview of CHESS brochure.
What is a HIN?
  • HIN stands for Holder Identification Number. It is the number that the CHESS system uses to register a client’s account details and the shares held on that account. The HIN will also identify the broker where the holdings are held.
  • If you agree for your account to be CHESS sponsored, you will be issued with a new individual HIN by your broker.
If I have a HIN with another broker, can I trade these shares through iInvest Securities?
  • Yes. If you hold shares through another broker on a HIN, you will need to complete one additional form to transfer these shares across to iInvest Securities before you can trade them through us.
    There is no cost involved with transferring shares between brokers, and iInvest can arrange this easily on your behalf.
  • Once you complete the required broker transfer form, the other broker is required to transfer your holdings to us within two business days, as required by the ASX.
  • Please contact us so that we can assist you in transferring your shares over to iInvest.
What does Issuer Sponsored mean? What is a SRN?
  • An Issuer Sponsored holdings means that your shares are held directly with the company share registry, as opposed to being held on a HIN with a stockbroker.
  • SRN stands for Security Reference Number. This number identifies your shares with the share registry, just like a HIN identifies shares held with a stockbroker.
Can you add my Issuer Sponsored Shares to my account with iInvest?
  • Yes. If you hold shares that are Issuer Sponsored and these shares are in the same name as your existing iInvest account – You simply need to send us a copy of the Issuer Sponsored holding statement and request to add these to your iInvest CHESS holdings.
  • If the shares are not in the same name as your existing iInvest account, please contact us so that we can discuss your options.
I cannot view the client documentation on this site. How can I fix this?
  • To view PDF files or links to PDF files on any site, you need to have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. This can be downloaded for free at the Adobe website.
I am having problems with the size of the text on your site. How do I fix it?
  • To increase the size of the text on a web page, press the Ctrl button and the ‘+’ button to enlarge the text. To decrease the size of the text press the CTRL button and the ‘-‘ button to reduce the text size. To return to the original text size, press Ctrl and ‘0’.
  • You can also use the scroll mouse wheel up and down while holding the Ctrl button to increase or decrease the text size.
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