Client Forms

iInvest Securities utilises Morrison Securities Pty Ltd and CMC Markets for the execution of trades and related clearing and settlement services. Morrison Securities and Markets are Trading Participants of one or more Australian Exchanges and also Clearing Participants of ASX Clear Pty Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of ASX Limited).

To enquire about opening a new account with iInvest Securities, or transferring your existing portfolio over to iInvest, please contact us today.

iInvest Securities Disclosure Documents

Please ensure that you read the relevant disclosure documents and ASX Educational material before you open an account.

  • Morrison Securities’ Disclosure Documents 
    • This document contains: Equities T&Cs, CHESS Sponsorship Agreement, Direct Debit Request and Service Agreement, Product Disclosure Statement for Exchange Traded Options, Derivatives Client Agreement, Privacy Policy and Client Statement, Financial Services Guide, Nominee Services Agreement.

iInvest Securities Account Application Forms

To open a share trading account with iInvest Securities, you will need to complete the iInvest Morrison Securities Client Application form, together with the General Advice Acknowledgment form below.

Identification Requirements

All new account applicants are required to provide identification. Please refer to the Acceptable Client Identification document to view our identification requirements.

One Off Sale Forms

If you would like to quickly and easily sell a parcel of shares without opening a share trading account, please complete both of the below documents. You will also need to provide appropriate identification, along with a copy of a holding statement or dividend notice for the shares you want to sell.

SMSF Application Form – iInvest Securities & C2 Financial Group

Below is the application form required to initiate a C2 SMSF.

Additional Forms

To add additional features to your account or to update your details, please see below the relevant forms.

Complete this form to update your residential or postal address, contact phone number or e-mail address.

Complete this form to trade Exchange Traded Options.

Complete this form to transfer your broker sponsored shares held with another broker into your iInvest Securities account.

Complete this form to transfer your options held with another broker into your iInvest Securities account

Complete this form to transfer a parcel of shares off-market. Note: There is a fee for this service.

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