iInvest for Kids

It’s all about strong foundations…

You give them so much already. But imagine giving them a gift that would really make a significant financial impact in their life. A gift that would create options like: fund a quality education, provide a deposit for their first home, or enable them to experience travelling overseas. For a small contribution to an investment account, you could fund exactly that for your child or grandchild. What a legacy to leave.

More than just the legacy, you will have taught them a valuable lesson in investing wisely; that every penny counts along the way. An investment account is about teaching your child or grandchild that if you take care of the pennies, the pounds will take care of themselves.

Investing for Your Child Simplified w/ Georgia Harrison

Georgia explains how making a small change to the way you set aside a few dollars for your child or grandchild, dramatically improves their options when they turn 18. 

How does it work?

The iInvest for Kids program follows a few simple steps:


Account form

We open a share trading account for your child with iInvest. The account application is not very different from opening a bank account for a child. The only difference is that we will assist you in completing it. Once an account is setup, we’ll link it to a bank account where funds can be deposited.

Bank account

We open a Cash Management Account to hold the balance of your weekly (or monthly) deposits. You set up a regular cash transfer into this account (at a value that you can afford and as frequently as suits you). Once the balance of the Cash Account reaches $600 – we buy a parcel of shares (approx. $500 worth of shares plus brokerage). You then continue with your regular savings – repeating the process.


Stock selection

We discuss a selection of high yielding blue chip stocks with you for the account. We suggest you re-invest the dividends you receive in the stock, so that you are actually building the number of shares in the account along the way. Once your Cash Account reaches the $600 level, again we buy you another parcel of shares at your instructor.

Bespoke offering

Our offering is a bespoke offering and we will assist you in making a stock selection that you are comfortable with. We will dedicate an experienced Advisor to your account who will keep you updated as to its progress, remind you when your Cash Account balance is sufficient to buy another parcel of shares, and whom you may call at any time.

Where to from here

Contact us and we can have a brief meeting in our office, or we can come to you. Whatever is easiest for you. If you prefer, you can email us your details and we can pre-fill in the Account forms and send to you with a reply-paid envelope. We’re here to help and make the entire process easy for you.

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