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iInvest Securities utilises Morrison Securities Pty Ltd (AFS License No. 241737) for the execution of trades and related clearing and settlement services.
Morrison Securities are a Trading Participant of one or more Australian Exchanges and also a Clearing Participant of ASX Clear Pty Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of ASX Limited).
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IPOs & Capital Raisings

iInvest Securities offers clients access to new Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) and Capital Raisings. We can often access guaranteed or firm stock for you in a new issue or capital raising, eliminating the possibility of you missing out or being scaled back on an application if you were to apply without our help.

The ASX website lists details of new companies looking to list on the Australian market. Visit their Upcoming Floats page for further details.

Australian Securities Exchange – ASX – Upcoming Floats

Who should invest in IPOs and Capital Raisings?

IPOs and capital raisings can present good investment opportunities for:

Opportunistic investor

With an established portfolio and investment experience who takes advantage of new companies to the market.

Sophisticated investor

Has an established portfolio and is market savvy. Understands the concept of capital raising and wants to take advantage of capital raisings in mid and large cap stocks.

How can IPOs and Capital Raisings build your wealth?

IPOs and capital raisings are popular investment prospects for the following reasons:

Potential for gains on listing

On fair to undervalued issue price – the opportunity exists for post float gains.

Access to stock after capital raisings

Through your broker which you may not otherwise have access to.

IPOs and Capital Raisings | Our services

We offer a number of services related to IPOs and capital raisings including:

Access to mid-cap and large cap IPOs

Our staff can discuss the attributes of a new issue or capital raising and assist you in the application process.

Access guaranteed or firm stock

In capital raisings and IPOs that you may otherwise have missed out on or been scaled back on.

Want to discuss your options?

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