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Managed Funds

iInvest is able to offer clients access to a range of managed investments. For clients who are looking to take advantage of having a professional fund manager controlling their investments, the team at iInvest can help.

There are listed and unlisted funds, each having their own benefits and risks. With the initial minimum investment amount ranging between $1000 and $5000, we provide access to a wide range of fund options.

Who should invest in Managed Funds?

Managed Funds can be a good investment vehicle for anyone looking to gain exposure to different asset classes and market sectors. Because of the variety of funds available, mix of assets and mix of risk appetites, they can be suitable to many investors.

Passive investor

Busy and doesn’t have time to manage finances. Wants it all done in one transaction.

Conservative investor

Someone looking for a benchmark performance with their investment. Is typically risk averse and looking for a broad spread of investments.

How can Managed Funds build your wealth?

Managed Funds are a popular investment for the following reasons:

Portfolio diversity

A managed fund is a cost-effective way of investing in a diverse range of asset classes and industry sectors. It can reduce investment risk by minimising your exposure to poor performance in just one industry or sector.

Wealth generation – can assist wealth generation as a standalone product or in conjunction with your other investments.

Gain access to assets

Which are otherwise difficult to obtain – managed funds can provide exposure to costly investments (ie shopping centres), to financial markets that are typically difficult to access (ie international shares) and assets for which information is not free-flowing (ie emerging markets or small cap stocks).

Cost effective

Is as affordable as investing in shares. Initial contributions can be quite small, allowing you the opportunity to make further cost-effective contributions over time.

Geared exposure

Many managed funds are on the Approved Product List for Margin Lenders, allowing the more experienced investor to borrow against their managed fund.

Managed Funds | Our services

We offer a number of services related to managed funds which include:


On listed investment companies (LICs), including real estate investment trusts (REITs) and international funds.

Portfolio Construction

We can assist you in a wide selection of funds. 

Access to ASX mFund

We can assist you in a range of listed managed funds via the ASX mFund platform. Lengthy forms are a thing of the past. Transacting is as simple as buying share and mFunds are registered on CHESS.

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