One-off Sale of Shares

iInvest Securities utilises Morrison Securities Pty Ltd (AFS License No. 241737) for the execution of trades and related clearing and settlement services.
Morrison Securities are a Trading Participant of one or more Australian Exchanges and also a Clearing Participant of ASX Clear Pty Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of ASX Limited).

Who would benefit from a one-off sale?

Our one-off sales service is of benefit to:

Individuals wanting to sell a single parcel of shares

We provide fast and efficient means of doing so without the fuss of establishing a full relationship with us.


Individuals who have inherited a parcel of shares and want to sell them

We can sell them usually within a day and without the fuss and bother of a full broking account.

Why are one-off sales popular?

Our one-off sales service is popular for the following reasons:


Fast and efficient

No need to get bogged down in documentation, we provide a streamlined process that typically sees your holding sold within a trading day.

Experienced brokers

Our staff are continually selling parcels of shares for clients and non-clients. They are efficient, effective and ready to answer any question you may have.

One-off sales | Our service

We offer the following service in relation to one-off sales:


One-off sales account

This is our streamlined, no frills broking account which allows us to typically sell your shares within a trading day.

About the process

If you don’t have a trading account with a broker, iInvest Securities can help you sell your shares without having to open a full broking account.

We ask you to complete a “One Off Sale Form”. This is a fast and convenient way to sell your shares, with a minimum of fuss. This service is suitable if you don’t require an ongoing relationship with a broker, but simply want to sell a parcel of shares. An experienced advisor will handle the sale of your shares.


You Will Need

Your Shareholder Reference Number or ‘SRN’. This can be found on a holding or dividend statement for your shares. We require a copy of this statement.
Original Certified Identification for all shareholders.
Completed One Off Sale forms.


What You Need To Do

Complete the iInvest One Off Sale form, along with some basic elements of the Morrison Securities application forms

Indicate on your iInvest forms the number of shares to be sold, and the price the shares are to be sold at (market price or no less than a limit price that you set)

Post your completed One Off Sale forms along with your certified identification to us.

iInvest Securities
PO BOX 1092


What Happens Next

Once iInvest receives your completed forms and certified identification, we will:

Confirm your share holding/s with the share registry. Once your holding has been confirmed, we will enter an order to sell your shares as per your instructions.

Note: If we cannot confirm your holdings, we will endeavour to contact you to gather more information about your holding. Your shares cannot be sold until we have confirmed your holding.

After your shares have been sold, we will issue you a contract note. You will need to keep this for your taxation records.

Once your shares have been sold, we will pay you the proceeds of the sale, less our brokerage charges, 3 business days after the trade date.

Please Note

If you are holding broker sponsored shares on a ‘HIN’ – iInvest can still sell your shares using our One Off Sale Service. You will however be required to complete one additional form to facilitate this. Contact us to enquire about this service.

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