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Options Trading Gold Coast

As a boutique Gold Coast investments firm, iInvest Securities can assist with everything from wealth creation strategies and advice to simply helping you execute your trades. With a combined 60 years experience in the industry our team of highly effective options traders can provide you with the right options for you and help execute your wealth building strategy.

Trading Options with iInvest Securities


What is An Option?

An option is a contract between two parties with a right, not an obligation to buy or sell an underlying security at a determined price, within a given period time. A ‘Call Option’ is the right to buy, where a ‘Put Option’ is the right to sell.


Things to Consider When Trading Options

  • Develop a trading plan
  • Focus on the preservation of capital
  • In doubt? Close it Out!
  • Analyse your wins & learn from your losses
  • If the market moves against your expectations, take rationally action
  • Follow your trading plan

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What is an Exchange Traded Option or ETO?

Exchange Traded Options (ETO’s) provide the potential to gain from the underlying share price movement, without requiring the capital to hold the underlying shares. Client’s can profit from both positive and negative movements in the underlying share value. Call Option value increases as the underlying asset goes up, while put option value increases as the underlying asset value decreases.

Our Approach to Options Trading

As leaders in Options Trading on the Gold Coast, our firm can help you build long-term wealth and implement strategies to allow you to tap into the leverage available through options trading, while controlling your risk and exposure.

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