About our research

iInvest provides clients access to research on Australian equities, key macro sectors and equity strategy, special situations and quantitative research. Our research also provides in-depth and provocative objective analysis on many quality Australian stocks. iInvest has a particular focus on identifying future high growth companies from emerging industry trends.

Who would benefit from our research?

Our highly valued research can be a benefit to:

Self-directed investor

You have an established portfolio but require access to quality market research and analysis to assist in your decision making.


Opportunistic investor

Market savvy but wanting assistance in identifying future high growth companies from emerging industry trends.



Active investor wanting access to the intra-day iInvest trading Ideas emerging from our real-time fundamental and technical analysis.

Active investor

Monitoring investments on a daily basis and requiring access to quality research on Australian equities, key macro-economic indicators, equity strategy and quantitative research.

Benefits of our research

Our research is popular for the following reasons:


Time critical

Our morning research reaches our clients well before the market opens, evaluating overnight markets and prospects for the trading day ahead.


Market savvy

With feeds to some of the biggest equities desks in Australia, our research and trading ideas can create opportunity and assist in your decision making.



Our daily ‘Morning Market Note’ research paper discusses overnight markets, is stock and sector specific, analyses key economic data ahead and provides a comprehensive insight as to what lays ahead.

What research products are available?

We offer a number research products including:

In-house daily newsletter

All clients access our market savvy and time critical comprehensive daily research paper ‘Morning Market Note.’


Broker research

With access to daily research from major broking houses and analysts in Australia, let us share with you the word from the street.


Quarterly newsletter

Our comprehensive quarterly newsletter takes a good look at the quarter past and quarter ahead. Analysing key indicators and stock markets from a fundamental and technical perspective.

Trade alerts

For the self-directed, speculative investor wanting the opportunity for potential short-term gains, we provide access to ongoing trading ideas.

Want to discuss your options?

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